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jurnalistii, bloggeri sau PR-isti?

Am gasit articolul asta si redau nitel din el:

Print journalism in tech has been on a gradual decline for the past few years – not necessarily in quality, but a downturn caused by a combination of factors, such as falling advertising revenues and not being able to be as reactive to emerging events.
The same drivers have been grinding away at all areas of print journalism and I’ve been wondering for a while why more journalists don’t adopt the “if you can’t beat them..” attitude and join the online world (rather than, for many, the PR industry).
theredrocket.co.uk, The Red Rocket, Sep 2009

Asadar, aplicand povestea la noi, chit ca e criza, jurnalistii IT din offline unde sa se duca, ce sa faca? In presa online/IT blogging sau sa se faca PR-isti?

Advertising 2.0

Primul seminar dedicat comunicarii prin intermediul blogurilor, intitulat Blogging for Companies, va avea loc la hotel Novotel, pe data de 22 aprilie. Seminarul este initiat de Cristian Manafu, Managing Partner, Evensys iar ca vorbitori vor fi Alex Brie (Blooger), Sorana Savu (Managing Partner, Premium Communication) si Bobby Voicu (Blogger si Consultant Blogging, General Manager FTW Media).