viitorul relatiilor publice

Parerea mea o tin pentru mine in acest moment. 🙂   Parerea lor v-o impartasesc si voua adliteram:

There’s no standard definition of public relations–it generally includes things like internal communications, media relations, investor relations, community relations, crisis communications and a several other marketing subdisciplines. But one near constant in PR is the need to communicate through someone else–a reporter, an analyst, a blogger, an employee who you’d like to be an ambassador of sorts to other people. [ apasa pt a citi restul articolului ]

Si ceva despre viitorul departamentul de relatii publice:

First off, why PR departments were set up to do, and the role they should be playing for a business or organisation. It’s no small topic, particularly given that the PR needs of organisations and the media they seek to work with vary enormously. Worse still, gazing into the history of PR produces a picture that is at best hazy: you’d have more luck getting a standard definition of what PR is, and that’s tough enough. No wonder my mum still has no idea what I do for a living. [ apasa pt a citi restul articolului ]

Stiind toate acestea parca viitorul e mai roz! 🙂

Sarbatori fericite!


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  1. sincer, sunt deja atatia experti pe piata asta a publicatii incat nu mai sti ce pareri ar merita luate in considerare.

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