pro si contra: masurarea in social media

Tema favorita din ultima vreme a profesionistilor in PR este masurarea impactului/influentei social media.

Nial Cook spune ca nu se poate masura :

Someone who says something that reaches 100,000 people is no more influential than someone who reaches just 100[…] In short, influence needs to be measured in context and at the receiving end not the transmitting end.

Wadds spune ca se poate, cel putin metric/analytics:

The digital environment does enable us to identify audiences with relative ease and get close to a measure of influence by monitoring web traffic at points along a communication framework (brand) or buying cycle (sales). […] We have the opportunity to dig deeper using analytics to monitor traffic within a network and a web site destination. By capturing IP addresses we can scrutinise reach to an incredibly granular level (location, company, time, frequency, and more). Better still if the audience is sufficiently motivated to respond to a campaign it will provide data that provides the start of an ongoing dialogue, or sales process.

Later edit:
Ca am vorbit de social media hai sa reiteram un pic niste tactici de PR online (via Lee Odden):

Push Pull PR and Social Media PR

Ce este important de mentionat este ca PR online este eficient atat in comunicarea directa cu consumatorii cat si pentru media relations (relatia cu media).

Push PR este tactica folosita pentru a distribui noutatile unei companii prin comunicate de presa trimise pe email sau fax. De asemenea, push PR include si pitch-ul/vanzarea unei idei/povesti/stiri presei sau chiar atunci cand raspunzi solicitarilor.

Exemple de push PR:

  • comunicate de presa
  • Pitching jurnalisti & bloggers cu idei de subiecte
  • Social Networks
  • advertoriale pe bloguri
  • blogger relations

Pull PR se bazeaza pe ceea ce consumatorii cauta pe diverse site-uri, de la motoare de cautare la cele de social media.

Exemple de pull PR:

  • News search engine visibility
  • Organic search engine visibility
  • Social news & bookmark sites
  • Blog & RSS search engines

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  1. Un foarte bun ghid pentru promovarea prin retelele sociale, realizat de Lon Safko, autorul bestsellerului “Biblia social media”, puteti citi aici:

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