Are the PR people the biggest spammers?

Am citit un articol de pe The bad pitch blog despre spammingul facut de PR-isti.

Totul a pornit de la Sorry PR people: you’re blocked, dupa care domnul Seth Godin face un mic comentariu despre PR and the first amendment and keeping your job. Urmarea, Peter Kafka publica corespondenta unor firme care vor sa retraga de pe black list adresele lor.

Inainte sa inchei am sa adaug un super citat a lui Seth Godin:

The processing of 100 press releases the old-fashioned way cost more than $100. Doing it to 5,000 people was out of the question.

Email means the cost of adding one more name is zero. Email means that lists keep getting bigger and bigger and once you’re on one, you’re on em all.

So, the smart PR folks (the successful ones) struggle to make their lists smaller and smaller. The lazy ones just try to make them bigger.

Finalul: Ce agentie de la noi e cel mai mare spammer?

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