Yahoo 360 Blog a dat chix un pic

Zilele trecute, mai exact pe 30 august, Yahoo 360 anunta ca va introduce de la 31 august noi imbunatatiri ale dashboard-ului (the back door), template-uri, my page blog etc…

Ei bine au cam dat chix. Tot Yahoo 360 revine cu un anunt pe 31 august cum ca dupa introducerea noului update s-au produs mici greseli si din aceasta cauza diverse servicii, pagini nu mai functioneaza corespunzator. Cica inca se lucreaza la remedierea problemei. 

Shit happen’ si la case mai mari :). Iata care este comunicatul de criza , sa-i zic asa, al celor de la Yahoo 360 :

“Sometimes when we release new versions of code in Yahoo! 360°, things go well.   When things go well, everything goes smoothly, and you’re happy and we’re happy and there are fluffy clouds, and rainbows, and the birds are singing.  

Yesterday’s release didn’t have so many fluffy clouds and rainbows.  After some initial snags that were later fixed, some other problems appeared:

More blank page issues: I know, I know. Basically, the fix to alleviate the slowness of the web site introduced some additional blank pages bugs, especially to some users who uploaded a blog photo during that time. Our trusty release engineer Felix is combing the Yahoo! 360° databases and fixing these pages as we speak.

Blog comment updates in the Home page:  Thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback saying there were issues with Home page comment updates. We have an engineer. His name is Albert – he’s a nice guy. He’s currently investigating the issue.

So we apologize for all the issues you’ve been having. Once they are fixed, it should be smooth sailing.  

Here’s to future fluffy clouds and rainbows,

– Ernie H.
   Front-end engineer, Yahoo! 360° ”





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